Today's top sports stories:

Dennis Rodman, who for some reason is part of a contingent visiting North Korea (North Korea!), has decided he really likes the impoverished country's dictator, Kim Jong Un. He told Kim, "You have a friend for life." Let's see how he tries to worm his way out of this one (heh). [Fox Sports]

More and more players are now saying that they, too, have been asked by scouts at the NFL combine about their sex lives and sexual orientation, which likely runs afoul of labor laws. The NFL says it will investigate. [S.I.]

Elvis Andrus, the young star shortstop for the Texas Rangers, was scratched from Thursday's spring training matchup for a strange reason: his new tattoo. Apparently the massive new inkjob of his late father led to some serious muscle soreness. [ESPN]

Following Sunday's Daytona 500, NASCAR suspended driver Jeremy Clements indefinitely. Initially we thought it was for uttering a racial slur in front of a reporter and a NASCAR official, but it may actually have been a sexist remark about Danica Patrick. [Jalopnik]

The new Adidas NCAA tournament uniforms are ... um ... interesting. [GuySpeed]