On any normal night in the NBA, a 28 rebound performance would be the top news story.  Tyson Chandler set the NBA season high and his career high in rebounds against a height depleted Warriors team reeling from David Lee's single game suspension.  But this night was not a typical night.  Babyfaced former Davidson star Stephen Curry put on what might be the best performance we'll see from any player this season, scoring 54 points.  He accounted for over 50% of his teams total scoring output.  He shot an incredible 11-13 from the 3 point line.

Curry was fearless, carrying, willing the Warriors to remain in the game.  When the rest of the Warriors starting lineup scores a total of only 13 points, Curry's performance is all the more amazing.  It was his career high by far and the GS franchise record.  They say that Madison Square Garden can bring the most out of opposing players, and that's exactly what we saw from Curry.  And I'd be remiss if I failed to mention that Curry played the entire 48 minutes.

What's even more astounding is that Curry's 54 weren't enough.  The Knicks pulled out the victory 109-105.  5 Knicks reached double digit scoring.  Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith both eclipsed the 25 point mark.  It was a shootout from the Garden, but the Knicks defense may have been what led them to victory.  The first quarter was very sloppy for Golden State, and one would have to think if the Warriors played any better from the beginning, they may have ran away with the game.

The Knicks can't be happy allowing Golden State to shoot 55% from 3 on the night, but a win is a win and coach Woodson will have to write off the defense considering Curry's hot shooting.

The win puts the Knicks on a nice little 2 game win streak.  The Warriors are a playoff team, and even without David Lee, they played with heart and toughness.  The Knicks will put their streak on the line taking on the Wizards from Washington Friday night.  New York will look for redemption against the Wizards who took the last matchup.