Florida Gulf Coast University took the world by storm, becoming the first 15 seed to ever reach the Sweet 16.  The 'little team that could' played a pro style offense, ending transition offense with high flying dunks, earning their city the title, 'Dunk City'. It was a shocking run to say the least, and the man behind it all was Andy Enfield.  Taking his team to the Sweet 16 was not his only great feat he's accomplished in his lifetime.  He landed a supermodel wife, Amanda Marcum, and became a self made millionaire off the court.

Now Enfield will pack up his things and take his talents to USC.  The Trojans had a rough season this year, going 14-18 on the season, nowhere close to an NCAA berth.  The team has not been the same since high profile star OJ Mayo graced the courts there.  Enfield's hiring may be just the spark the Trojans need.

It will be interesting to see whether Enfield's style transitions well to the Pac 12.  He has only been a head coach for two years with FGCU, but has been around the NBA as a shooting coach with the Milwaukee Bucks and Assistant with the Boston Celtics.

Some may argue that Enfield had the perfect team to fit his style, rather than him getting the most out of his players.  With Senior standout Sherwood Brown leaving FGCU, it makes sense for Enfield to get his money while he can.  Who knows how FGCU will turn out after their remarkable run this postseason.  The more certain job is with USC as they'll be able to recruit better and players will be buying into his system after years of misery in Southern California.

Next years Cinderella will draw comparisons to FGCU, but it will be hard for any other team to capture the magic the Eagles had this year.