Though Knicks guard/forward James White is averaging an uninspiring 1.8 ppg, he's an easy choice to be a participant in the upcoming slam dunk contest.  In only 3 seasons in the NBA, White has shown an ability to throw down with the best of 'em, earning the nicknames "Flight White" and "Flight 75".  White will join 6 other competitors in Houston for the event.

The slam dunk contest has been long revered as the signature event of all-star Saturday night.  The NBA dunk contest was introduced in 1984.  The field featured all-time great dunkers Julius Erving and Larry Nance.  Over the years, the contest has featured an array of top athletes, including Michael Jordan, Vince Carter, and Dominique Wilkins.  In recent years, the NBA has made it clear that the attempt is to move away from big name stars allowing young guns a chance to shine during the all-star festivities.  Recent contests have included up-and-comers Paul George, Blake Griffin, and Demar Derozan.

Getting back to White, calling him well traveled is an understatement.  The 30 year old has had separate stints in both the Russian Basketball League and the Turkish Basketball League between 2007-2011.  His dunking credibility is backed by a win in the Turkish dunk contest in 2008.

For the skeptics of White, check out his appearance in a D-league dunk contest back in 2009.

And yes, White was clearly behind the foul line on that dunk.  It will be very exciting to see what White can throw down during the dunk contest.  And from what I've seen of him so far, he may have a clear path to the dunk contest title and becoming a Knicks fan favorite.

The 3-point shootout contestants were also announced Thursday night.  Fellow Knick Steve Novak will join White in Houston, looking for a sweep of Saturday nights marquee events.