The New York Knicks need to find a way to replace the presence of their injured center Tyson Chandler, or their season may soon be in jeopardy.

The Knicks were able to survive against Charlotte on Friday but were punished by the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday 120-89.  The Spurs exploited the fact that the Knicks did not have a menacing shot blocker to slow them down.

"I know my eyes get bigger if I don't see a shot blocker in the paint," Carmelo Anthony said on Monday. "So I guess that was their game plan, to attack, attack, knowing we didn't have any shot blockers in there."

Chandler could be out for another month which leaves the Knicks quite vulnerable.

Up next, the 2-4 Knicks take on Atlanta Hawks on the road on Wednesday.

[Associated Press]