The baseball season is starting to round into form.  Only 15 days into the MLB season, we've already seen some teams prove that they're competitors.  Checking out the entire league, it's easy to see where teams stand in comparison to their counterparts.  A team's ranking is based on their play thus far this season and where I think they'll end up this season.  The best thing about a long baseball season is that teams can move up and down the power rankings each and every week.

30. Miami Marlins (2-10)

29. San Diego Padres (2-10)

28. Minnesota Twins (4-7)

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27. Chicago Cubs (4-8)

26. Houston Astros (4-8)

25. Milwaukee Brewers (3-8)

24. Chicago White Sox (5-7)

23. Tampa Bay Rays (4-7)

22. Cleveland Indians (5-6)

21. Seattle Mariners (6-8)

Unfortunately for Marlins' fans (if there are any left), this will be a very long season.  They take the cake as the worst team in the entire league.  The Brewers are ranked uncharacteristically low because they've been a mess so far.  Their bullpen is in shambles, and Ryan Braun has not been completely healthy yet.  The Rays' offense just doesn't have enough to compete with the big bats in the AL East, though their pitching is very impressive and deep.

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20. Colorado Rockies (8-4)

19. Philadelphia Phillies (6-6)

18. Los Angeles Angels (4-8)

17. New York Mets (7-4)

16. Toronto Blue Jays (5-7)

The Rockies' hot start makes me wonder how good they really could be.  I don't think their pitching will hold up all season.  The Angels and Phillies are already under-performing big time.  Roy Halladay's struggles have hurt Philly, while Jered Weaver's injury has doomed the Angels for now.  The Mets have been playing great, though they've beaten up on Miami and San Diego.  Early AL East favorites, the Blue Jays, haven't woken up this season.  When they do, they'll be scary.

15. Pittsburgh Pirates (6-6)

14. Kansas City Royals (7-5)

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13. New York Yankees (6-5)

12. Arizona Diamondbacks (8-4)

11. St. Louis Cardinals (7-5)

The Royals have been a bright spot this season.  They certainly have enough young talent to make it all the way to the postseason.  The Yankees' slow start was quickly forgotten as they've turned it on.  They'll improve greatly when their regulars return.  The Cardinals are playing well so far, and if they can avoid injury, they'll be right in the postseason picture in the NL Central.

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10. Cincinnati Reds (5-7)

9. Los Angeles Dodgers (7-5)

8. Baltimore Orioles (6-6)

7. Washington Nationals (7-5)

6. Boston Red Sox (7-4)

The Dodgers acquisition of Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez last season is already paying dividends.  The question for them is when will Matt Kemp wake up?  The Nationals have a ton of talent, but will their lack of experience be an issue as the season rolls on.  The Red Sox may not be the most flashy team in the league, but their improved pitching could very well win the AL East.

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5. Detroit Tigers (7-5)

4. Texas Rangers (8-5)

3. Oakland Athletics (9-4)

2. San Francisco Giants (9-4)

1. Atlanta Braves (11-1)

The Tigers and Rangers prove that offense will go a long way.  Both teams could find their way back to the playoffs riding their bats.  The defending champion Giants are showing their title was no fluke.  Their offense, not their pitching, has been the key to early success.  The Braves are unquestionably the best team so far.  Justin Upton is looking like a real MVP candidate.  They are the most complete team in the league and have what it takes to win a World Series ring.

The power rankings paint only a picture of what we've seen throughout the first few weeks of the season.  It's been an exciting start and hopefully this season will live up to the hype.