Though the 2013 NBA All Star game was separated by only 5 points, it was yet another offensive display leading to a combined 281 points.  Both the players and coaches representing the Eastern and Western Conference understand the game is for the fans, and is not worth risking injury.  League officials will appreciate a second straight close finish to the All Star game, as the West won by only 3 points in last season's game.

The All Star game featured eight returning starters in total, including Lakers center Dwight Howard, who played with the East last year as part of the Magic.

The game was predictably sloppy as both teams were more concerned with enjoying themselves than with getting the W.  As a fan of the NBA, I don't mind the players mentality in the game.  I enjoy huge dunks and high scoring as much as the next guy.  There has been some chatter amongst within the leagues front office as to whether the NBA should make the game worth something more than just the win or loss.  Ultimately, I could see the league add an extra incentive to the game like home court in the finals.  It would certainly take a good amount of time for the league and players to agree to make a change like this.

Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder was the leading scorer in the game for the second year in a row.  Last year he tied Lebron James with 36 points, and this year Durant put in 30.  Chris Paul took home the MVP of the game, with a stat line of 20 points, 15 assists, and 4 steals.

Carmelo Anthony led the East squad, scoring 26 with 12 boards.  Anthony was questionable to play in the game after suffering a right arm contusion the past week.  He played 31 minutes for the East, the most amongst his teammates.

All-in-all, the All Star game was played closely throughout and offered an entertaining game for the fans in Houston.  The All Star weekend as a whole was a huge success this year, and will remain an NBA spectacle to showcase the leagues best talent.  At the least, it provides a break for the leagues talent in anticipation of a strong push to the playoffs.