What was once the pinnacle of NBA all-star weekend has become a lackluster competition between relative unknowns.  Despite the fact that stars are hesitant to compete in the dunk contest, it remains the most exciting event during the break.  Fans of all ages can appreciate creative and awe-inspiring dunks.  The mass appeal of the dunk contest is that you never know what you might see.

The dunk contest has been a part of all-star weekend since 1984.  Back then, stars asked to compete obliged completely with the request of the NBA, and brought their best dunks to the competition.  Presently, the Sprite dunk contest is a place for younger players to make their name known.  We still may never see Lebron James compete in a slam dunk contest, despite fans begging James to step up.

Looking back, we are left with the vision of what the dunk contest once was and what it may never be again.  Fans may remember Jordan's free throw line dunk, Vince Carter's 360° windmill, or Nate Robinson's dunk over Spud Webb.  Below are some of the best dunk contests dunks of all time.

This years field will feature a group of young guns making a name for themselves on the dunk contest stage.  It will also be the first time in history that there are 6 competitors in the contest.  Jeremy Evans, last years winner, has some serious competition from the likes of former competitor Gerald Green, and first timers James White and Kenneth Faried.  Some fans may question the validity of the dunk contest, considering the NBA has instituted fan voting to choose the champion.  So in the the spirit of the NBA, we have given fans a choice to choose who they think will win the 2013 NBA slam dunk contest.

And if that's not enough NBA dunk contest coverage, let's look at some of the facts about the event.

  • Dominique Wilkins has competed in the most slam dunk contests in history (5).  Four players are tied at 4 trips to the contest.
  • Standing only 5'9", Nate Robinson holds the record for most dunk contest titles (3)
  • Larry Nance won the first ever dunk contest, defeating Julius Erving in the final round.
  • In 1998 and 1999, the NBA did not hold a dunk contest.
  • 22 players have accounted for the 47 perfect dunks in history (Michael Jordan leads with 7)

Fans can catch this years dunk contest Saturday night at 8:30 PM on TNT.