During the 2012 season, Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw dealt with chronic footpain limiting his explosiveness and opening the door for younger backs Andre Brown and David Wilson.  Despite the competition Bradshaw faced, the 27 yr-old still managed over 1000 yards last season.

The aging back is coming off of his 6th season with the Giants.  Due to a multitude of injuries, Bradshaw has not played a full season since 2010.

The move may have come as a surprise to some Giants fans.  Bradshaw was an important part of both of New York's Super Bowl championships, scoring the game winning touchdown in 2011 against the Patriots.

Bradshaw was not entirely surprised by the move.  He told ESPN,

"I saw it coming because of the money.  Everything is about money I guess, so, yes, I was expecting it."

Money is certainly a contributing factor in the Giants decision, but the move also illustrates the Giants organization's belief in its young burner David Wilson.  Wilson is coming off a bumpy season marred by fumbles, but his speed and ability were apparent during the regular season.

The Giants backfield is left to both Wilson and Andre Brown to carry the load next season.

Until Bradshaw fully recovers from his latest foot surgery, his future landing spot will be a question.  Though Bradshaw may not be able to play a full season next year or rush for 1000 yards, he'll be an asset to any team looking for a tough veteran back.