During the summer of 2012, the Jets signed ex-Bronco starting quarterback Tim Tebow and were immediately treated to the circus that surrounded the controversial star.  Unlike many athletes whose celebrity transcends the field of play, Tebow is not necessarily a big name because of his play.  Though he won two National Championships at Florida, won the Heisman Trophy in 2007, and led the Broncos to a playoff victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tebow never got a ton of respect for the skills he displayed. When he joined the Jets, he was made a gimmick, a joke, and turned into a punt protecting 15th overall pick.

On Monday morning, the Jets released Tim Tebow after only one season.  With the abundance of QBs on their current roster, the Jets and GM John Idzik started trimming the fat.  At this point, the discussion to play Tebow was over and the Jets are ready to move on with their future.

There aren't many athletes who create as much diversion within the sports world as Tebow does.  He plays with a passion and integrity that most other players can't match.  His mechanics are certainly flawed and he may not practice all-out, but Tebow knows how to win.

When Tebow arrived in New York, he was eager to compete for the starting QB job against Mark Sanchez.  Sanchez won the job coming out of training camp, and never surrendered the job to Tebow (Greg McElroy started the only game that Sanchez did not).  By all accounts, fans were clamoring for Tebow to get a chance to show what h could do.  Sanchez had a miserable season, and appears to be on the outs after the Jets drafted QB Geno Smith.  As the season dragged on, their seemed to be chances for Tebow to play.  Unfortunately, Tebow was placed in a box, never given the keys to the team.  On the season, he had only 39 yards passing and 102 yards rushing.

The first question that will arise when fans think back to the Tebow-Jets era is why waqs Tebow signed in the first place.  Was it only about selling tickets?  Was the organization serious about playing Tebow, but Rex Ryan nixed the experiment before it began?  The answer is not important; what matters is that the Jets and Tebow can move on from their disastrous days together.

Next up for Tim Tebow will be finding a new team to play for.  We'll have to wait and see if teams in the NFL are willing to take a gamble on the star.  I'd expect that Tebow signs on quickly with a team, though there aren't many teams that could use a QB.  The Jacksonville Jaguars seem to be a logical fit, though they have hesitated in the past to consider Tebow.  Whether or not it's at QB, there should be a spot for Tim in the NFL.  Hopefully for the young star, he'll be able to rejuvenate his career before it's too late.