When the New York Jets acquired QB Tim Tebow via trade from the Denver Broncos back in March, fans didn't know what to think. Were the team's owners making the move to get their franchise QB? Or was it just a publicity stunt to get a player entrenched in controversy? For anybody who has seen the way the Jets have used Tim Tebow this season, the answers are clear.

Ever since Tim Tebow started his college career at the University of Florida, he's been a controversial player. Tebow is perhaps the most openly religious football player we've ever seen. He uses biblical references in his pump up speeches and wears bible verses on his eye black. He has even found a way to pray on the field after scoring touchdowns with a move he trademarked as "Tebowing."

Controversy does not only surround Tebow's religious beliefs. His athletic ability and skill-set have been criticized non-stop since he entered the college football spotlight back in 2006. He was only a backup QB then, but found a way to contribute with his legs. He won the 2007 Heisman trophy starting at QB for Florida and led the team to a BCS Championship victory in 2008. Though he achieved so much success in college, fans still wondered if he could be an NFL QB.

There is no doubt that Tebow is a running quarterback. His throwing release was deemed too long and he struggles with inaccuracy. Despite all of this, in 2011 he led Denver Broncos to 6 straight wins and a playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. He also led them to five 4th quarter comebacks. In turn, he became one of the most exciting players in the NFL.

Throughout the Jets first 10 games, Tebow has compiled only 39 yards passing on 7 attempts and 87 yards rushing on 29 attempts. He's been relegated to a gimmick role and can be seen on the punt protection team at times.  What's clear about the Jets season is this gross misuse of Tebow. He's a QB that thrives when he can get in a rhythm but he's only taken snaps one at a time this year.

Tim Tebow has been criticized throughout his entire career and now has to deal with those critics in house.  Unnamed Jets players have referred to Tim as a gimmick. As reported by the NY Daily News, a defensive player went as far as to call him terrible. The Jets struggles this season are in no part Tim Tebow's fault. In defense of Tebow, he hasn't had the time on the field to make plays. The Jets locker room clearly supports Mark Sanchez over Tebow or any other backup QB.

I'm not trying to say that the Jets should make the move and insert Tebow into their starting QB slot. They would not be better with Tebow, but I could not see them being worse.  What I am saying is that Tim Tebow is a player who has achieved more than most even in his short career, and he deserves respect. Tebow does lack some skills to be a legitimate starting QB, but he makes up for it by his hard work. And from what I've seen from him in the past, he plays tougher and with more passion than any Jets player has this year. If these players can't realize that Tebow is not the issue, then they are missing the obvious.

The fact that the Jets have not yet made a move at QB simply amplifies the belief that it was merely a desperate publicity stunt pulled off by owner Woody Johnson. Tebow was not brought in to be the starting QB of the future. The way the Jets use Tebow is not even disguised anymore. He's become a non-factor and a joke amongst the rest of the league.

Undoubtedly, Tim will not remain with the Jets for the rest of his career. It was a mistake when the Jets got Tim Tebow in the first place. The sooner the Jets can cut ties with this Tebow experiment the better.

I have a ton of respect for the way Tebow plays on the field. I am certain that he will have numerous opportunities to contribute for other teams whether at QB or not and put together a successful career.