For the first time in UFC history, a UFC pay per view event has been canceled.

Top 205 lb. contender Dan Henderson had to withdraw from his title fight with Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones due to a partially torn MCL.

With the fight 8 days away, Dana White found only one man willing to fight Jon Jones on such short notice: the flammable Chael Sonnen.

Sonnen is best known for his clashes with 185 king Anderson Silva. After being bested twice by Silva, Sonnen has recently decided to move to the 205 lb. division. Sonnen was scheduled to fight Forrest Griffin in December. Once Sonnen arrived on the scene, however, he immediately began verbally disparaging and taunting champion Jon Jones. Many believe Sonnen was trying to, once again, talk his way into a title fight. Brand new to the division and coming off of a loss, it wouldn't make sense to consider Chael a contender.

Jon Jones apparently agreed.

In a move that Dana said has "disgusted" him, Jones refused to accept the fight with Sonnen.

After Jones refused the fight, Dana White more or less lost his mind at this all-media news conference. It's about a half hour long, but it's absolutely worth watching/listening to. Dana is certainly an off-the-cuff guy and unloads on the situation.

For Jon Jones, this is a public lashing that's nearly unprecedented. Fresh off of his DUI troubles in Binghamton, Jones wasn't in need of more bad publicity. Jackson MMA is taking quite a few hits as well, with Dana saying,

Greg Jackson shouldn't be interviewed by anyone ever again, except a psychiatrist"

White assailed Jackson in response to the trainer encouraging Jones to turn down the bout with Sonnen.

Conversely, Chael Sonnen has managed to stay in the spotlight against all odds -- White had nothing but positive endorsements for the relentless Oregonian.

Does this change your opinion of area-native Jones? What do you think of the champ?