While the New York Giants begin their offseason workout program, they'll continue to negotiate a contract with wideout Victor Cruz.  Cruz is a restricted free agent, and has been offered a first-round tender by the Giants.  Cruz would receive just below $3 million next season if he agrees to the deal.

The Giants and Cruz both want to remain together in the near future.  Cruz recently signed on with Jay-Z's management agency, the same agency that also landed big name Yankee star Robinson Cano.  Considering this deal Cruz has in place with his new agent, it would be a huge surprise if he left New York for another team.

Cruz is seeking a long-term deal worth around $10-$11 million per year.  The young receiver burst onto the scene in 2011, catching 82 passes for 1536 yards.  He was a major part of the Giants' Super Bowl run that year.  Cruz followed up his breakout season with 1040 yards and 9 touchdowns.  There is no doubt that Cruz has become one of the leagues' most unheralded stars.

Both sides do not want to give up leverage in their negotiations, but it's looking more likely that the Giants will succumb to Cruz's demands.  The organization can't afford to lose Cruz without major backlash from New York fans and QB Eli Manning.  Manning has made it clear that he will do whatever it takes to keep Cruz on his side.

Cruz can be signed by other teams up until Friday, April 19th.  The rest of the NFL's GMs will have to assess the value of Cruz and whether he is worth a first round pick if they officially sign him.  For a team with a lot of draft picks and a team on the brink of success, Cruz could be the acquisition that puts their team over the edge.  The Giants will look to lock up Cruz soon to keep the salsa-dancing receiver in New York.