Ok, so we're not talking that tiny, but tiny homes are a craze that has gained lots of traction in recent years.

The goal of tiny homes is pretty simple: try to make a functional home that utilizes small spaces in the most efficient way.

TV shows like Tiny House Nation have even further provided a magnifying glass on these little homes.

It turns out that there are even a few of these homes right in our backyard!

Check out a few of the tiny homes that you buy here in the Southern Tier:

  • Credit: Tiny Home Listings


    1990 Kimball Street, Binghamton

    Listed Price: $94,500

  • Credit: Tiny House Listings


    Dryden, NY

    Listed Price: $55,000

  • Credit: Tiny House Finder

    Sidney Center

    Sidney Center, NY

    Listed Price: $ 44,900

  • 4

    Trout Creek

    Trout Creek, NY

    Listed Price: $40,000