Don't be left out of the conversations. If you weren't one of the millions who tuned in during yesterday's big game, here is a list of what everyone is probably talking about today.

1) Katy Perry’s dancing sharks -

Those sharks deserve their own halftime show. During Katy’s performance, she was accompanied by smiling sharks that stole the spotlight. We don’t remember anything else from her performance because of those sharks. They were dancing, smiling sharks for crying out loud!

2) 'AngryNeeson52' -

Liam Neeson was at his Liam Neeson-est with this ‘Clash of Clans’ advertisement. He delivered a threatening monologue to whoever had just beaten him at his game, and he was just as serious as he would be had he been talking to his daughter’s kidnappers. He is so perfectly hostile and Irish, but the best part about this whole thing was the fact that his screen name is ‘AngryNeeson52'.

3) Tom Brady’s “happy dance” -

In the fourth quarter, with only minutes left, the Seahawks were mere yards away from the end zone. Right when it looked like it was all done, Malcolm Butler intercepted the ball and gave the Patriots the win. The best part about this epic play was Tom Brady’s reaction to it. As soon as he realized what had happened he literally jumped for joy. You will never see anybody happier about anything in your whole life than he was last night!

4) Richard Sherman’s infamous look of disgust -

On the other hand, as soon as Sherman realized that the Seahawks no longer had the game, his reaction was the polar opposite of Brady’s. If looks could kill, the whole Patriots team would be dead. You will never see anybody more upset about anything in your whole life than he was at that moment.

5) Katy Perry’s dancing sharks -

You have to believe us on this one. They were super awesome.

6) A Fiat on male enhancement drugs -

This advertisement for the new Fiat 500X Crossover followed a male enhancement pill on a journey through an Italian town after an elderly gentleman accidentally dropped it out a window. The pill ends up in the gas tank of a small Fiat and transforms it into the new bigger, bulkier Fiat 500X Crossover. This one needs no further explaining.

7) Walter White as a pharmacist -

Byan Cranston reprised his role as America’s favorite antihero ‘Walter White’ in this Esurance advertisement. Here, he is working in a pharmacy that he is clearly not supposed to be in and pushing drugs on customers that they probably shouldn’t be taking. While wearing his ‘cooking suit,’ he drops a few iconic lines from ‘Breaking Bad’ and makes it a very memorable commercial.

8) Have we mentioned Katy Perry’s dancing sharks? -

‘Nuff said.


*This article was written by Sam Gilroy, a Townsquare Media Binghamton intern and SUNY Broome student*