According to NOAA, it looks like any hopes and dreams of a white Christmas this year, will definitely depend on your location. Based on the historical probability, living in New York gives you about a 41%-90% chance of precipitation over the holiday. Obviously higher elevations have a greater chance at seeing some white stuff.


Don't let the map above get you too excited though because the Southern Tier could see unseasonably high temperatures next week. With highs around 39 and lows of 29 degrees predicted for December 24, which could leave us with either snow or rain, if the 60% chance of precipitation remains true. (The Weather Channel)

Snow is predicted to fall just in time for the first day of winter on Sunday, which could leave us with a wintery scene for the holiday.

The last significant snowfall Binghamton saw over the Christmas holiday was in 2002, with 12.7 inches on Christmas Day. (NOAA) It doesn't seem hopeful that we will be able to match 2002, but there is a seemingly good chance that the ground will be white this Christmas.