Law enforcement officials in both the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania and Southern Tier of New York are breathing a sigh of relief following the arrest of the man accused of ambushing Pennsylvania State Police officers in Pike County seven weeks ago.

31 year old Eric Frein was taken into custody by U.S. Marshals at an abandoned airplane hanger in Monroe County, Pa. October 30.

Frein is accused of killing Corporal Bryon Dickson and seriously injuring trooper Alex Douglass September 12.

Frein has been arraigned on first degree murder, homicide of a police officer and possession of weapons of mass destruction charges.

Police had found guns, ammunition and home-made explosive devices while searching for the self-described survivalist in the wooded, rough terrain of the Poconos region.

Officials used slain officer, Corporal Bryon Dickson’s handcuffs when they took 31 year old Eric Frein into custody. They returned him to the Blooming Grove State Police Barracks in neighboring Pike County in Dickson’s cruiser.

At one point in the search, officials in Delaware County, New York were investigating whether a stolen car found in Bovina was related to Frein but determined there was no connection.