Congratulations to the Albany Empire's Ryan Cave and Joe Sykes they both won Offensive and Defensive Linemen of the Year awards. This is a great honor and points out how important their role has been in getting our Albany Empire one game away from the Arena Bowl this year.

I went to my very first Albany Empire game a couple weeks ago and had the opportunity to talk to Ryan Cave. Nice guy….at least off the field…on the field he’s a beast! He and his offensive line gave up the fewest sacks in the league. Sykes lead the league with 6.5 sacks on the season and 67.5 total sacks in his career. He has just hounded the opposing team’s quarterbacks all season long.

Saturday, August 3rd the Empire plays the Baltimore Brigade in game two of the playoffs. The Empire goes into the game with a 35 point advantage. Next stop, the Arena Bowl! You can catch all the action starting at 7pm on Q 1057 and the free Q 1057 app. Tickets and more information HERE

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