The Bills are clawing their way into the playoffs, come hell or high water. That's my take and I believe it.

The defense showed how great they are becoming in the last few games. They happen to be #5 in total defense in the NFL and they play the #3 defense on Sunday in the Denver Broncos. In case you need more of a boost, the Bills "D" is third in causing interceptions.

Granted, they are going against future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning, but that doesn't mean they will lose. I don't see the Broncos with a zero in the loss category, do you?

With the defense in tune, the offense is stepping up its game. Yes, they need to raise the bar, but they know it. Doug Marrone knows exactly what the team is up against, not only with the Broncos, but with upcoming games against the Packers and the Patriots.

I believe the Bills can win their way in. And I also believe we are seeing the beginning of great things to come on both sides of the ball.

Go Bills!