The women's basketball team suffered a road loss in their last matchup on February 9 against the University of Maine. The Bearcats continued their road trip on February 12 as they traveled to Stony Brook to face the Seawolves.

It was a low-scoring affair from both teams in the first half as the game was tied at 13 at the end of the first quarter, and it was more of the same in the second quarter. Stony Brook overcame a seven-minute scoring drought but managed to keep the game close. Anastasia Warren led the team with six points. Hailey Zeise and Cheyenne Clark each added four as the Seawolves put up 25 for the half.

Binghamton struggled as well by giving Stony Brook second and third scoring opportunities but managed to stay in it with good defense, forcing many Seawolves turnovers. Kai Moon was in double-digits with 10 points. Carly Boland had eight with Olivia Ramil chipped in five as the Bearcats trailed 25-23 going into halftime.

The scoring in the second half ramped up for both teams. Stony Brook battled hard and managed to gain a slight edge in the third quarter with an eight-nothing scoring run. Kaela Hilaire ended the game with 17 with Anastasia Warren scoring 11. Hailey Zeise and India Pagan each tallied seven as the Seawolves totaled 58 points.

Binghamton gained ground late in the game, trailing by only a single point in the closing seconds, but was unable to close the deal. Kai Moon finished with 20, Hayley Moore accounted for 12 and Carly Boland supplied 10 as the Bearcats fell by the final score of 58-54.

The team currently sits at 5-6 in the conference following this defeat. The ladies will return home for a matchup in the Events Center on February 15 as they will host the Vermont Catamounts.

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