The NFL has three teams that represent New York State, though many will argue that the Buffalo Bills are the only true New York team.

While it is a fact that they are the only team that plays inside the state of New York, it's also a fact that they are the most hard luck team in the state. I know that's hard to believe but the Jets have won a Superbowl even though it was during the Nixon administration.

This year at 5 and 5 the Bills are the Empire State's top team, but they're fading fast. They got their butts kicked last night by the fish down in South Beach.

Miami scored 22 points to the Bills 3 field goal farce of a whopping 9 points and had an intentional grounding call on Kyle Orton when he was in the end zone resulting in a safety. (tuba sound effect: womp womp)

I would love to see the Bills go to the Superbowl and win! I think the fans deserve it. But talk is cheap and Buffalo is at :500, just above the Jets in the AFC east with the first place Patriots on a 5 game winning streak at 7 and 2.

All three of New York's teams are a bust this season. None will make the playoffs, but my fellow Bills, Jets and Giants fans there is always next year.