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Reports: Syndergaard Heading To LA
ESPN's Jeff Passan is reporting that New York Mets right handed pitcher, Noah Syndergaard and the Los Angelas Angels are agreeing to a 1 year $21 million dollar offer. The Mets did extend Syndergaard a qualifying offer that he has until tomorrow to accept. We will keep you updated.
Could Arrested Aminata Diallo Be Women’s Soccer’s Tanya Harding?
It's strange when history repeats itself. When ugly history repeats itself, it can be depressing. Do you remember U.S. Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan? She was attacked prior to the U.S. Figure Skating Championships by a man named Shane Stant, who was hired by Kerrigan's teammate Tonya Harding's ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, in January of 1994. Gillooly conspired with Harding to have Stant strike Kerrigan across the knee with with essentially a small bat. Well on Wednesday, the Professional Women's Soccer world was hit with a similar story.
New Buffalo Bills Stadium comes with $1.4 Billion Price Tag
The Buffalo Bills are currently the best team in the AFC, maybe even in the NFL, according to some. The one thing that the Bills want is a new home. As reported on 104.5 The Team, over the past several months, the Buffalo NFL franchise has been negotiating with the State of New York and Erie County on who will pay for how much of the new facility and how much will be levied on the taxpayers.
New York Jets Miracle QB Leaves Parents in Tears
As a parent, it is amazingly cool when your child does something that you are really proud of. It is not unusual for parents to become overwhelmed with emotional pride. So, when Mike White was named the New York Jets starting quarterback this week to replace their injured "franchise" Zach Wilson, White's parents were incredibly proud. When the 2018 5th round pick out of Western Kentucky led the Jets to an improbable victory over the Cincinnati Bengals yesterday and the Met Life crowd erupted in chanting "Mike White, Mike White, Mike White..," well that was a new level of emotion for the QB's parents.

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