What’s the difference between modular and manufactured home? Manufactured homes are built to a national building code. Modular homes are built to the New York State building code. There are big differences in whether there will be any zoning issues, and manufactured homes can be less expensive to setup.

How long does it take to build a factory built home? From the time an order is placed, in 3-5 months you can move in.

What type of financing is available? There is a wide variety of financing available, from home-only loans up to full construction mortgages. G&I Homes is also a New York State registered mortgage broker, so we can help a customer with financing.

Are the homes built to today’s energy efficiency standards? Modern manufactured and modular homes are generally built better than today’s energy standards! All our homes can be built to Energy Star standards.

Are the homes customizable? Very much so! Each of our manufacturers offer numerous options and changes, both in the look and layout of the home. Each order is custom built for the customer.