The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is increasing dramatically in New York state as Governor Andrew Cuomo pleads for more help from the federal government.

Cuomo Tuesday said the rate of new infections is doubling about every three days.

The governor revealed what he described as "troubling and astronomical numbers" during his daily coronavirus briefing.

Cuomo said efforts to slow the rate of increase haven't worked. He said "it is accelerating on its own."

The governor cited one person who has been monitoring the crisis who said "we were looking at a freight train coming across the country... we're now looking at a bullet train because the numbers are going up that quickly."

Cuomo said cases could peak in New York state in two to three weeks. He said health experts now estimate 40,000 intensive care beds will be needed for COVID-19 patients.

The governor repeated his call for additional assistance from Washington. He said the state may soon require 30,000 ventilators but only 7,000 have been procured.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases increased by 5,707 in a 24-hour period. (Image:

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