A dad went the distance, in a manner of speaking, to raise money for a hospital, who has been treating his 4-year-son for cancer.

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Kolt Codner told the TV Show "People" that his and his wife's wish was to show their appreciation to the doctors and staff at Akron Children's Hospital, who had been caring for their son Andrew over the last five months as the 4-year-old battles leukemia.

When Kolt learned that a marathon, which benefits the hospital, was changed to a virtual event due to COVID-19 the father of one thought it would be a perfect way for him to give back.

"We have had just a phenomenal experience there," explains Kolt, who has been a runner for about a year. "The doctors and the nurses have made this the best possible experience we could possibly hope to have. We thought this was something we could do to try to give back and show appreciation for the experience we've had."

Not only did Kolt complete the 26.2-mile race around the hospital the Ohio family also raised over $16,000 for the hospital that is taking care of their son.

"I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the hospital and celebrate the amazing caregivers inside there," says Kolt. "It's been an amazing experience and the outpouring of support shows how much Akron Children's has meant to many different families here in the region... and how much our stories resonated with folks that have gone through similar experiences."

At one point during the 35-lap race, Kolt was joined by his wife Tristan.


"It was an incredibly emotional experience," says Kolt. "Andrew broke through the finish line tape ahead of me. He was running super fast. He definitely had a lot more energy at that point than I did... I knelt down and Andrew came over with my Akron Marathon medal and put it over my head and gave me a big hug and a kiss."

Just like his marathon, Kolt is confident that Andrew will cross his own finish line too.

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