When you make it possible for someone to cheat, someone will. That is basic human nature.

Let's talk about Deflate Gate.

So, the NFL is investigating whether the New England Patriots deflated their balls to get an edge on gripping and playing in wet weather. If the Patriots did indeed do this, the NFL made the mistake of letting it be possible.

According to the last available NFL rules online, the home team is to supply 12 primary balls and 12 backup balls. The visiting team is allowed to supply 12 backup balls as well. The referees have eight balls for the kicking game that do not leave their possession until used. The rest of the balls, except for inspection previous to the game, are in the possession of the home team.

In other words, there is ample time to adjust the amount the ball is inflated after the balls have been inspected. The home team has control over what ball is put into play as well. So, if the Patriots offense is on field, they can introduce a deflated ball.

This form of cheating , since it can be controlled, may not benefit the visiting team as some claim. The Colts would have the disadvantage.

Now that we know this, we know it is very possible that the Patriots cheated. But will the NFL fix this obvious hole in the system? Probably not. That would require each stadium to be equipped with a staff exclusively used to secure the balls from cheating. And of course, they should be neutrally hired with no affiliation to either team.

Sounds like too much work for the NFL.

By the way, if the allegations are true, the penalty is the loss of a draft pick. Big freakin deal. There is no great consequence to the actions so other teams will try it too. Mark my words.

And there you have Deflate Gate in a nut shell.