The Buffalo Sabres haven't made the playoffs in nine years and it was announced earlier this week that the team would be bringing back general manager Jason Botterill for another season, even though the team hasn't made the postseason (or come close) in his first three years with the team.

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Plenty of Sabres fans are angry but one decided to go to the extreme and actually listed the Sabres for sale on Craigslist, according to CBS Sports...

It appears that the listing as been removed but here were the listing facts.

For Sale: NHL Hockey Franchise

Team: Buffalo Sabres

Available: ASAP

*Lost team with diehard fanbase looking for wealthy owner who actually understands hockey*

Organization on the cheap. Could be flipped. Major structural damage but few core pieces still intact.

Non-Negotiable Terms:

-Franchise must stay in current city and is ineligible for relocation.

-Immediate family (i.e. wife) is not eligible for an internal position within the organization

-Must provide "team puppy"

The Buffalo News reports the fan's name is Jill Thompson, who has been a Sabres fan since the late 1980s.

"We were a respected and proud hockey community," she said about growing up as a Sabres fan. "That feeling was exhilarating and was a direct reflection of the owners at that time and their passion and commitment to the city and its hockey team. Fast forward to current times, and we are at a polar opposite of the spectrum.

Amazing. Every team needs a team puppy, am I right?

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