After 5 years as a New York Knick, Forward Amar’e Stoudemire has left the team in hopes of finding a play off bound team, to finish out the season and compete for a title.

Does this surprise anyone? I don’t even think the fans are even mildly upset over the news. In fact most are happy for Amar’e.

When he was healthy, I think he played his ass off. I never saw him give up and he helped lead us to the post season three years in a row.

Rumors are that he will be a Dallas Maverick, and I’m sure by the time this blog hits. he will make that official.

Carmello Anthony seemed quite stunned by the news (see video below), but even Mello said you have to respect his reasons for leaving.

The Knicks are rebuilding and a side from Mello, I don’t think anyone is safe for next year. Amar’e’s contract was up this year, he received a 100 Million dollar contract in 2010, and had many injuries and I’m sure the Knicks wouldn’t have signed him for next year anyway.

This has been a nightmare season for Knicks fans, and if you believe in Phil Jackson, you have to envision a much improved team next season.

I’ll end this blog with a heartfelt thanks to Amar’e and best wishes!