The final regular week of the regular NFL season is here and even though this has been a year that will have many asterisks, the New York Giants are having another disappointing year.

We all know sports is a labor of love, especially when you are loyal to a particular team, they can lift you up, or break your heart.

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The New York Giants have consistently been a team that has unachieved for the past four years with a combined record of 17-45 since 2017 season.

Although their defense has shown improvement this year, their lack of offense has beaten done the Big Blue D.

I have rooted for Daniel Jones and was very excited when he started his first few games but I think he lacks the vision that makes a quarterback great, he misses open receivers and fails to see the overall scope of the field.

The Giants offensive line hasn’t been supportive to Danny Dimes, he is rushed many times, sacked, and has very little time to actually find open receiver.

Joe Judge is a new head coach in the league, but given his pedigree, with the years he spent on a dynasty team like the Patriots, and legendary coach Bill Belichick, you would think the offense would be able to score points.

The Giants consistency with management is clearly an issue, they have had four head coaches in the past four seasons with 2016-Ben McAdoo, 2017 Ben McAdoo replacement during season with Steve Spagnuolo, 2018 & 2019-Pat Shurmur, and 2020 Joe Judge.

I think the family business needs an uplift, the Mara and Tisch families need a reboot.

To coin a phrase “Come on Man”, lets build a good team, something that will make it competitive for several years.

Now the irony at the end of this article, the Giants could still win the NFC East if they beat the Cowboys on Sunday and the Washington team loses to the Eagles.

My Personnel opinion, it’s not going to happen, (and we all know it) and second the Giants are still a horribly managed, coached, scouted, and owned team.

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