The NFL has been looking into the points after touchdown field goal for sometime now, this past pre-season they put in an experimental rule that made the kick a 33 yard try instead of the traditional 15 yards.

Kickers only missed 8 out of 141 attempts, which brought the percentage well over 90%, in fact last seasons rate was 99.6%.

So we know that the current rule is almost a given, do we want to keep the gratuitous method going and send people to the kitchen or bathroom while the place kickers go through the almost automatic motions?

I think if we made the point after conversion a challenge it would give more excitement to the scoring experience.

So many of the new NFL rules put in place over the past years have created more excitement along with the opportunity for more points, a rule like this would kind of balance some of that with a more difficult scoring attempt.

Another possibility would be to automatically score the touch down as 7 points, with the option of running a 2 point conversation which would decrease the TD to 6 points if the conversation failed.

I like both of these possibilities, and as to what the NFL will do, who knows, but I do think there will be a change in the traditional points after touchdown kick process soon.