The NFL preseason is a wash and with more players opting out of the upcoming season, will there be football in September.

The NFL is offering players an option of sitting out the 2020 season if they feel uncomfortable in respects to the Covid-19 safety protocols.

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Everyday I see more players throwing in the towel and walking away from this season, you have to wonder what kind of effect this will have on the game and the quality of the teams.

The latest Dont’A Hightower and Marcus Cannon, and there are sure to be more in the coming days.

Right now it doesn’t look that bad, but with 43 days till the official starts of the NFL season, a lot could happen.

I look forward to fall each year because of NFL football, and my concern is a “strike like year” with lower quality players, and all the political messages on the field, and on the players, will it be a bittersweet season, or an insult to the game?

According to players could receive a stipend of up to $350.00 if they choose not to play this season.

We are Americans and we want what we want, so if it’s not worth watching, I’ll buy a video game console and play me some Madden sports games. Go Video Game Giants!


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