Who's afraid of the New York Knicks? Apparently no one.

In my years as a Knicks fan I don't remember a team this bad. They have lost 16 of their last 17 games and have the most losses (26) in the NBA.

Phil Jackson commented on the team, promising 2015 will be better, but what does that mean?

Carmello Anthony is frustrated, he scored 34 points in last nights game against the Wizards and it didn't make a difference.

I also think the inept play of this team is getting to other players on the team. This is evident by the two ejections from flagrant fouls over the past week with Samuel Dalembert, and last night with Quincy Acy.

I haven't seen Spike Lee much during the games lately and he's usually in the front row, animated and jumping out of his seat when the team makes a big play.

Face it, this is not a fun team to watch anymore. They are heading towards the number one pick in the draft, but there are 50 more games to play and I think Phil Jackson is hoping to see  this group pick up some chemistry and overall improvement before going into what looks like a complete overhaul for next season.

Can Phil Jackson bring a championship to New York? I think he's doing exactly what past management should have done years ago. Go through your rebuilding years, take your lumps and come out with a big draft pick and lots of cap money to acquire the players you want, instead of the disgruntled entitled free agents the Knicks organization has signed trying to get instant gratification.

Until then, we just have to suck it up and 'enjoy' the really bad team this season. Let's hope for a little improvement here on out.

Go Knicks!