Once again the roar of booing rained down at Madison Square Garden as the Knicks lost another in front of the home town crowd against the Milwaukee Bucks, 95-82.

Only the Philadelphia 76ers (4-28) are wedged between the Knicks and the bottom of the league, and at 5 and 31, it's very hard for fans to even want to watch a game on television, let alone actually buy a ticket and see a game in person.

New York has been decimated by injuries to their key players, but even with them back they lack the talent and chemistry of a playoff team. Phil Jackson knows this, and even though he said at the beginning of the season that the Knicks would make the playoffs this year, I think it was something he had to say because you don't want to give your team a defeatist attitude. One thing that Jackson brings to this team though is discipline and patience.

There has been a lot of talk about resting Carmelo Anthony or even allowing him to have the surgery he'll need during the off season now.

I don't enjoy watching my team lose game after game, but something bigger is going on in the front office. Upper management is letting the process that the draft was based on work for the overall future of the team.

I do believe we will be pleased with the results over the next few years, and maybe even see a championship brewing!