NBA teams will get a mid winter break from regular season action this weekend, when  basketballs elite flock to Madison Square garden for the All Star Game on Sunday.

Carmello Anthony is still questionable to play in that game because of a sore knee.

I thought I would take this time to reflect on my team, the New York Knicks,(10-43) and what it's been like watching them lose game after game.

Amar'e Stoudemire would like to buy out his contract with the Knicks, and try and find a play off bound team to latch on to this postseason, many feel he won't be back next year anyway.

I try and look at things from the same prospective that the Knicks organization does, it's a rebuild year and the main goal is to work with the young players and develop them while evaluating each one to see who will fit the mold of where this team is going into next season.

So where is the team going? Phil Jackson has admitted it's a strip down and start from scratch plan to develop, and add the players that will make this team competitive enough to make the playoffs, and give them a chance to win a championship.

I know most fans are sick of the losing and would like to see a championship team next season, but I'm a realist and it's extremely hard to win a championship, so I look for a team that is good enough to win games and make the playoffs, I would be happy with an over 500 record for next season.

Sad to say he most exciting part of this season for the Knicks will be when it's over and free agency and the draft picks begin.

I will continue to watch the team with the understanding things will get better, and I know we'll all be better fans because of it.

Go Knicks!