The New York Knicks are looking like a big disappointment. Less than 20 games into the regular season the team is 4-14 and there are only two teams with a worse record, the 0-17 Sixers, and the 3-14 Pistons.

Phil Jackson said at the beginning of the season it would take a few games to get this team on the right track and apparently he wasn't kidding.

I have watched most of the games from beginning to end, but lately I have watched till they started lagging behind, then fast forward to the last five minutes of the game to see how badly they lose.

I could say it's the defense and I could also blame the offense. Unfortunately I would be right on both counts.

The big question is what will it take to light a fire under this team? Amar'e is not happy and you can tell while watching his interviews that he wants to scream at the top of his lungs, "I'm tired of losing".

Carmelo Anthony is probably having some big regrets on his decision to stay and once again he is carrying the inept offense.

Phil Jackson also said things should start to turn by Thanksgiving and that if it didn't, changes need to be made. Well, leftovers are almost gone and players like JR Smith continue to flounder, playing poor defense and taking ridiculous shots.

Can the Knicks turn this season around? I say yes, but not with this roster of players. Phil it's time to clean house.

To be continued...