When I ask a true Buffalo Bills fan how they feel about Rex Ryan being the new head coach, there's not much enthusiasm. In fact, most don't like him and feel he will not help the team in the areas they need it the most.

Rex Ryan is a loose cannon at times he is known for his tantrums and guarantees, so I can see why fans are not looking at him through rose colored glasses.

What I know about Rex Ryan's coaching, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, his dad is legendary coach, Buddy Ryan, a man who was also no stranger to controversy, a great defensive mind too. As proof, do you remember the '85 Bears, where Buddy was the defensive coordinator? I have never seen a defense scarier than the 1985 Chicago Bears!

I think the Bills fans know that the defense will be good, they were ranked at number 4 this past season, but what about the offense?

Rex is not a strong offensive coach so I hope if he's learned anything from his past positions, you hire to your weaknesses, so let Greg Roman do his job.

If the Bills can build on their offense next season they stand a very coach chance of being a playoff team, and that's something I would like to see for the Buffalo fans.

So for your enjoyment, and hopefully some good football games, get ready for Rex!

Did you know he is a movie star too, yep he was featured in the 2012 Adam Sandler movie, "That's My Boy".

Check out his first press conference with the Bills, and some other special Rex Ryan moments below.