The New York Knicks are a team without an identity and their leading scorer, Carmelo Anthony, left the Houston game Monday night in pain. It looked like a knee injury, but the reports later said he was suffering from back spasms too. Great.

This is the worst start that I've seen in a while and at 4 and 11 it looks like another year of trying to claw their way back to the .500 mark.

Jose Calderon is back but the team continues to lose games and you can clearly see it's taking its toll on Melo. If this team can't get some others to pick up the intensity it's going to be another long, disappointing season.

The Knicks face the Dallas Mavericks tonight so we'll see a few familiar faces (Tyson Chandler and Ray Felton).

With the Knicks slumping, the question remains, can Phil Jackson make this team a winner? I know the fans are hoping and praying he will but honestly, I'm not a big believer at this point.

Either way, we'll resume the rap next week. Go Knicks!