The New York Giants went into week two on a mission to get better.
It didn't happen, as they lost to the Arizona Cardinals 25 to 14

Eli Manning looked pretty good despite one interception in the 1st quarter and a late 4th quarter disparate throw when the game was pretty much over.

The defensive secondary allowed some big plays in the first quarter, something I still can't understand as that was supposed to be the strongest improvement during the off season.

Eli Manning and the offense looked good at times and the receivers were catching the ball on a few good drives that resulted in touchdowns, and the Giants had a 14-10 lead in the third quarter and seem to be in control of the game.

What happened after that was bizarre, fumbles, penalties, and lots of dropped balls left Giants fans saying, how can a team self destruct like that?

Coach Coughlin said in his post conference remarks that the Giants defense allowed the Cardinals to convert several third and longs, another unacceptable issue, and to my point the new free agent acquisitions should be shutting down those areas.

Eli Manning was 26 for 39..of those 12 incompletions, several were catch-able throws dropped by Giant receivers.

This game is another one of those games where the Giants just beat themselves and let down their fans...I think they can come back, but it starts with a solid game from the entire team resulting in a win.

The Giants will host the Houston Texans (2-0) on Sunday afternoon. Catch the game right here on 991 the Whale with the pregame show beginning at Noon.

To be continued