In 1990 the Buffalo Bills went to their first Super bowl, not one player on the team had ever played in a Super bowl prior, (the only other team to have that distinction was this years Seahawks team).

I have been a New York Giants fan my whole life and can remember exactly where I was in 1987 when they won their first Super bowl, like many sports fans I suffered through years of losing and disappointment to finally have my day when my team was the best.

With an arsenal of talent led by Quarterback Jim Kelley on offense, and Bruce Smith on the Defensive side, the Bills finished the 1990-91 season 13 and 3 with a perfect 8-0 at home.

They met my New York Giants in the Superbowl that year and should have won that game by all rights, had it not been for the Giants stingy offense, hogging the ball for most of the 3rd quarter, and then there was Scott Norwood’s 47 yard attempt that sailed to the right of the cross bars and broke the hearts of Bills fans.

I actually felt really bad for Scott and I also believe that if the Bills could have gotten off one more play they would have been the ones celebrating not us as Jim Kelley was moving the ball, they just ran out of clock.

It was the best offense against the best defense (and just a side note we had a back up QB in that game Phil Simms was injured in a regular season game by the Bills)

The Buffalo Bills went back to the big show the next 3 consecutive years and were never closer than their first trip in 1991. They are the only team to go to 4 straight Super Bowls and the only team to lose 4 consecutive Super bowls.

Their determination to fight back, the team talent, the coaching staff, and their amazing fan base all played a part those four years of AFC dominance.

That squad produced 6 hall of famers, Coach Marv Levy, Jim Kelley, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, Owner Ralph Wilson and this Saturday the great Andre Reed will be enshrined.

It has to be bitter sweet for Buffalo Bills fans, but most sports fans in general recognize the 1990-1993 Buffalo Bills as one of the best teams in NFL history  ….  Respect

Here’s a look at the final drive that led to the Norwood field goal, painful yes but worth a look.