The life that Edward Koban has lived has been one most only dream of. An Endicott native, Eddie, or Fast Eddie as his friends call him, dominated the football field as a high schooler at Union-Endicott which helped him land the positions of quarterback and defensive back for Syracuse University Football.  It was actually former Giants coach Tom Coughlin who led the recruitment efforts of SU to add Eddie to their team.

While he played for Syracuse, Eddie wore the number 5 which years later, would be the same number worn by Donovan McNabb who would go on to make a name for himself in the NFL.

While Eddie didn't make it quite as far as McNabb, he too signed an NFL contract following his college career in Syracuse and the man who helped Eddie go over all the legal details of signing the contract has remained close friends all of these years, often making an appearance at Eddie’s cafe in Endicott.

That’s right, through the twists and turns of life, Eddie, a father, and football coach, ended up back in Endicott running a cafe appropriately called ‘Fast Eddie’s’ with the love of his life, Maria Galindo, a Philadelphia Eagles fan (you can only imagine how lively football Sundays get in their home!).

Maria Galindo

Eddie and Maria took over the old Russian Club at 1400 Watson Boulevard in Endicott, renovating it into a cozy small-town eatery, and for the last six years, they’ve welcomed the Southern Tier community into their cafe with open arms, making all who walked through the doors feel like family. They've served some of the most delicious food around, giving Binghamton area transplants a taste of home with their Philadelphia inspired menu items and imported foods such as the ever loved Amoroso rolls.

Eddie and Maria have not only fed stomachs, but they’ve also fed souls, never too busy for a chat and a hug. They've shared laughter and tears with their customers and have even gone above and beyond, opening their cafe after hours for special events including a wedding and a surprise baby shower.

Traci Taylor

If you always wanted to visit Fast Eddie's Cafe, but never have, this weekend will be your last chance to do so. This Sunday, May 5th, Fast Eddie's Cafe 1400 Watson Boulevard in Endicott will shut its doors forever, leaving a gaping hole in the hearts of those who've come to love Eddie, Maria, their staff, and their cafe.

While it's not clear what Eddie and Maria have planned for the future there's no doubt that whatever it is, they will excel because they are excellent, hardworking human beings who are as real as they come.  Thank you for the last six years of service to our community. Fast Eddie's Cafe will truly be missed.