The atmosphere in sports is changing pretty quick. What was once swept under the carpet or ignored is now causing suspensions, benchings and a tremendous amount of scrutiny from the outside world.

You would think, knowing all this, that the college students that pro sports are interested in would reshape their attitudes and quickly learn to walk the walk.

Some may be, but one college star is slowly self destructing:sophomore Jameis Winston, Florida State quarterback and outfielder/pitcher. He has excelled at both sports but off the field, he has become a problem.

Last year he was accused of sexual assault and was not charged. The handling of the case is now being reviewed by the federal government due to uncovered conflicts by the original investigators and the University. So, basically, that black cloud still exists.

Then, he was accused of shoplifting on two different occasions. Now, just this week, Winston stood on the table at the student union building and yelled something very disgusting about women.

Winston has been suspended for the first half of this weekend's game against Clemson. My comment on that? Winston needs to be sat for longer and put in counseling. He obviously has issues. Being in the limelight has only magnified them.

You see becoming a sports star doesn't change you, it just magnifies who you already were.  And Jameis Winston, who I rooted for last year, is now almost surely not going to be a professional athlete. He is too much of a risk.

Pro sports is built on talent and sponsors. The sponsors will always win out, which is why Adrian Peterson will not be on the football field any time soon. Ditto Ray Rice.

If Jameis Winston truly wants to be in pro sports, he better get help now. The  clock is ticking.