Blueox customers hate spending money on energy bills. So what can they do to help? Provide monthly energy savings tips that you can apply at home to save money each month and use your energy more efficiently… saving you money!

They Can Answer Questions Relating to:
1. I have insulation in my walls and attic, so I don’t need additional insulation right?
2. My home is drafty, but I am not sure what the problem is. How do I find out where the right places to air seal and insulate are?
3. My home isn’t new construction so I can’t utilize the benefits of spray foam insulation... or can I?
4. I know my home needs insulation but my energy bills are so high I don’t think I can afford it. What are my options?

July - Stay Cool:

  • Keep you shades down and the drapes drawn during the hottest time of the day and open at night. Change or clean your air conditioner according to manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Did you know 8 out of every 10 gas heated homes has one or more gas leaks? Homeowners assume you will smell a leak, but the truth is you may never know until it is too late. Rest assured your family is safe every day with a gas leak inspection from Blueox.
  • When possible, shut off the air conditioner and open the windows at night or install an ENERGY STAR® ceiling fan.
  • Be sure your ourside air conditioner condenser is shaded from the sun.
  • When purchasing a room air conditioner, buy the correct size. Retailers can help you with sizing. Always purchase an ENERGY STAR® model.