With a loss Tuesday night, the Knicks will be all but eliminated from the 2012-13 NBA Playoffs.  Fortunately for Knicks' fans, there is reason to think that the team can turn it around and get the series back to even at 2.  Jason Kidd, the team's third string point guard, is in a rut that the future Hall of Famer has likely never been in before.  At 40, Kidd has had an up and down season with the Knicks.  He's now mired in a 7 game scoreless streak that is seriously hindering the Knicks' chances at advancing further in the playoffs.

Jason Kidd took his oath against scoring after Game 2 of the Boston Series.  It doesn't seem to be a coincidence that the Knicks started to struggle after that game, playing to the tune of 3-4 during their last 7.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that if Kidd can score a few points he'll be the answers to the Knicks' struggles.  The Knicks' issues reach far beyond the aging guard.  New York needs Kidd to at least be a threat to shoot the 3 and finish his wide open layups instead of passing out of good shots.

I wouldn't see an issue with Kidd's lack of points if he wasn't eating a ton of minutes on the floor.  Looking at the numbers, Kidd has played an average of 23:27 during his scoring drought.  He's taken only 14 shots total, 9 of those three-pointers.  He also hasn't gotten to the free-throw line since game 1 of the first round.

Yes, I know that Jason Kidd hasn't been a top scorer at any time in his career.  He's built a career assisting and rebounding as well, en route to 105 Triple Doubles.  To be fair, Kidd has racked up 16 assists and 25 rebounds.

The way I see it, Kidd needs to take more confident shots and score a few points per game for the Knicks to get back to their winning ways.  I'm sick of seeing Kidd pass out of open threes, eliminating the threat of his shot at all.  There is no definitive reason to explain why Kidd is not scoring, but you would have to think it's mental.  Knicks' coach Mike Woodson needs to get the guard back on track fast.

The Knicks and Kidd will be in Indiana for Game 4 against the Pacers.  A win would give the Knicks home-court advantage again, but a loss will cripple the Knicks.  I'm sticking with my prediction that the Knicks will get the job done in this series.  Let me know what you think about Kidd's struggles and the series in the comments below.