My support of New York Jets' Head Coach Adam Gase seems to be at best misguided at this point. I was really hoping he'd be one of those guys that just because he didn't get great results elsewhere it would click for him here. The Jets are 0-3 with the lackluster Denver Broncos coming to town next week. If "Gang Green" loses to the Broncos the next "winnable" game on the schedule would maybe be in 2021? I hate calling for anyone to lose their jobs but Gase and the Jets clearly aren't working and it has to be time to start looking at other options. Here are a few candidates that If I were Jets GM Joe Douglas I'd have on my shortlist.

Here are my five coaching options in no particular order.

Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy:

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51-year-old Bieniemy has long been rumored to get his first head-coaching job. He now has a Super Bowl ring, has worked with Patrick Mahomes, and is part of the Andy Reid coaching tree which has produced Super Bowl-winning head coaches like Ravens John Harbaugh and Eagles Doug Pederson. Also in that coaching tree is Bills head coach Sean McDermott.

Baltimore Ravens Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman:

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Roman has been one of the best offensive minds in the NFL especially when it comes to running the football. Currently the mastermind behind the 49ers running game he could scheme a ground attack that would take a lot of pressure off of a you quarterback like Sam Darnold or possibly Trevor Lawrence.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offensive Coordinator Byron Leftwich:

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Leftwich is only 40 and doesn't have a ton of NFL coaching experience but I like what I've seen out of him in that short time. He's work for Bruce Ariens and with Tom Brady. Leftwich is definitely someone to keep an eye on in the future even if he doesn't get a HC job now.

New England Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels

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I really feel like there's some form of succession plan where McDaniels is set to take over, for now, Patriots HC Bill Belichick BUT if you could steal him away that's a win/win for the Jets. Not only do you get a guy that has worked with Tom Brady and his drop-back style but has reinvigorated Cam Newton's career. McDaniels plus Trevor Lawerence could finally give Jets fans an offense they been dreaming about.

I reserve my fifth and final spot for Lincoln Riley or whoever the hottest name in college coaching is.

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