While most NFL teams are signing big name free agents in hopes of improving their record for next season, the Jets have done little to nothing.  Dustin Keller and Shonn Greene have already been signed by Miami and Tennessee respectively.  The Jets' biggest moves this offseason include signing RB Mike Goodson, who the Jets are hoping can rise from mediocrity into an NFL back, and the questionable signing of veteran QB David Garrard.

You might be asking yourself why the Jets would add Garrard.  Realistically, Garrard has too many miles on his legs to play in this league.  He would be a sitting duck for speedy defenders, just as Mark Sanchez suffered sack after sack last season because he couldn't get out of the pocket.  Hopefully, the Jets will not seriously consider playing Garrard, and instead allow him to mentor the Jets' younger QBs.  With the 4 QBs on their roster (Garrard, McElroy, Sanchez, Tebow), the Jets in essence have no QB.  There is also speculation that the Jets could sign Kevin Kolb, who was released by Arizona last week.

If I were part of the Jets' management team, I would take a chance on Kolb.  He is a clear upgrade to any QB on their roster and he is still young.  He has a strong arm and showed confidence in the pocket in Philly.  In Arizona, he never really had a chance to progress as a QB and could shine in New York's bright lights.  Another season with Sanchez or McElroy would set the Jets back at least a year.  They won't be competitive next season without a legit QB, and they'll be forced to build through the draft or free agency next year.

In a report from ESPN, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan said Mark Sanchez would begin the offseason program as the team's starting quarterback, but he made it clear that Sanchez's hold on the position is not guaranteed.  Ryan is stating the obvious.  If Sanchez falters out of the gate, he'll be canned and replaced by one of the other QBs.

As a Jets fan, it pains me to say that I could definitely see Sanchez starting next season.  The contract extension he got before last season was a huge mistake by the Jets organization, but now they'll have to live with it and play the guy they paid.

As NFL free agency meetings progress, the Jets will still be looking to deal their CB Darrelle Revis.  Revis could get the Jets some draft picks they crucially need to improve their offense at TE, WR, and possibly QB.  With Revis dealt, the Jets would be in clear rebuilding mode.  The only optimistic thing to say about the Jets is that things can't really get much worse.

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