Local sports legend Michael "Jingles" Rubino passed away at his Port Crane home yesterday.  Better known as "Jingles",  Rubino entertained thousands of Binghamton Mets' fans since their entry into the Eastern League in 1992.  Rubino was a regular at NYSEG Stadium.  He would dance to the Tarantella" during the seventh inning stretch of Binghamton Mets games to the delight of the crowd.

While he attended numerous sporting events all over the area his dancing at Binghamton Mets games became legendary.  He would often have adults and children join him in the stands behind home plate as he danced.  He also became well-known among local fans for his exuberance in cheering on the Binghamton Mets.  He also loved to taunt and jeer visiting teams and their coaches and managers.

Rubino was also an umpire and he officiated hundreds of baseball and softball games at various levels.  Funeral arrangements are pending.