How much should I pay for a diamond?
This is probably the most thought of question that is very rarely asked, but that everyone has. This actual dollar amount varies greatly. You need to consider is your own income, and credit availability. Everyone is different. A rule of thumb is “what do you spend on yourself for your hobby/interest in a 2-5 year span.” The ring you purchase for your sweet heart will last much longer than the TV, computer, or other electronic gadget you splurge on. If you collect guns, cars, guitars, or whatever. Think about one that you would absolutely LOVE to own, and would actually splurge on knowing that it will be enjoyed for years and years to come. This is the amount you should spend on the diamond for your love. You might not understand why a woman loves diamonds, and her ring so much, but it is important to give her the one of her dreams , in the budget you can afford ( similar in price to what you would spend on such an important item for yourself). Ruby and Sons offers to qualified buyers many different finance options. Cash, all major credit cards, and with approved credit options varying from 12 months same as cash to 3 years with a low interest rate.

How long have you been in business? 
Over 95 years. Rubine (Ruby) Levine established the store in 1919. Carl Levine owned the business until 1998. Rochelle has solely owned Ruby and Sons since shortly after her father Carl’s retirement in 1995.

Is the store still owned by the original family?
Yes, Rochelle is Ruby's Granddaughter, her father Carl ran the store before her. Rochelle Levine is the SOLE owner of Ruby and Sons locations.

Can you make something new out of older jewelry?
Yes, we can help make custom or customized jewelry for you using your existing gemstones. From very simple restyles to intricate designs using a Computer aided drawing. It is strongly recommended that you restyle your existing diamonds vs. selling them or trading them in. Once you sell your family heirloom diamonds, they are gone forever.

Do you buy old jewelry?
Yes, we buy both broken and vintage jewelry. Diamonds and Gold. We strongly encourage that individuals deliberate before selling their jewelry, as once it’s sold, there is no getting it back. With broken items it’s an easy decision, but with other items restyling is a good alternative.