I am a huge fan of Little League baseball. I even went to the LL World Series and saw the "perfect game that doesn't exist." by later to be discovered too old, Danny Almonte.

Coupled with being from New Jersey, I have been keeping my eye on the Toms River, NJ team. And now the world is thanks to 12 year old Kayla Roncin. Yep, a girl is making her mark in the organization that saw greats like Gary Sheffield and Derek Jeter in their ranks!

The Toms River team advanced to the regionals, one step closer to Williamsport, with the help of Roncin's bat and her arm.

Not only did Roncin toss one pitch to retire the toughest player of the other team and end a nail biting inning, but she blasted a two run homer to snap the tie.

Just to give you an idea of how Kayla Roncin could create history in Little League: Kathryn "Tubby" Johnston,the first girl, played in 1950. They were immediately banned (1951) until 1974. In '74, Bunny Taylor pitched a no hitter.  That's it. No other ground shaking milestones by girls. Kayla has the chance to change that.

See for yourself how talented this girl is. Go Kayla!!