If you missed the news on Wednesday morning around the NFL, all of the talk was Tyreek Hill and the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs would eventually trade the all-pro receiver after the Chiefs decided they could not afford his contract.

Hill reportedly wanted to be the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL, after the Las Vegas Raiders gave Davante Adams his huge contract last week.

ESPN's Adam Schefter said the trade offers were down to the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins, on who would land the league's most explosive offensive player.

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The Dolphins were the answer.

According to Schefter, the Chiefs have traded Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for multiple draft picks, which include Miami's first round pick in 2022 (29th overall).

Tyreek Hill's new contract is staggering. Miami will give him a 4-year contract worth $120 million and over $72 million guaranteed.

It makes Hill the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL.

The trade now gives Miami a host of offensive weapons, including Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle and Cedrick Wilson at receiver. Mike Gesicki at tight end, and Raheem Mostert and Carlos Edmonds at running back.

The biggest question mark is quarterback. Can Tua Tagovailoa make the leap and bring Miami to the playoffs? The Bills now have to play Hill twice per season, but he's off the Chiefs, who many fans would argue is the Bills biggest threat in the AFC.

This is all kinds of interesting for Bills fans. I do think the Dolphins are better than the New England Patriots now though.

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