Heat Extend Their Streak

With a win over the Toronto Raptors, the Heat have pushed their winning streak to a lengthy 22.  They officially are tied with the 2007 Houston Rockets for the second longest streak of all time.  They are getting ever closer to the Lakers record of 33.  After a game on Monday against the Celtics in Boston, the Heat's cupcake schedule features the Cavs, Pistons, Bobcats, and Magic in their next 4.  Winning the next 5 would put their streak at 27.  Their next real test would come the 27th against the Bulls, especially if Rose can return for Chicago before then.

The Heat are on a magical roll right now, and their Eastern Conference opponents have no answer.  Dwayne Wade is playing his best basketball offensively and defensively since he carried Miami to the NBA Championship in 2006.  The NBA has not seen a superpower like the Heat in a while.

Miami is certainly set up for a repeat championship this season, but there is still sentiment amongst NBA people that Lebron could leave the Heat after he becomes a free agent in 2014.  I can't see Lebron leaving Miami even if it takes a pay cut to keep the big 3 together.  He cares too much about winning, hence why he took a pay cut in the first place to assemble the young superstars Miami has now.  Though he'll take the MVP award, Lebron is on a mission to get his 2nd Championship, and there is nobody in the league that can stand in his way.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

David Wright's Rib Injury

Playing in the World Baseball Classic is a risk that players understand when they sign up to play for their country.  Most Americans don't play Winter ball, so it's a huge jump going from sitting on the couch to playing against teams that compete together year round.  David Wright was playing for Team USA and looked like their MVP.  Wright unfortunately suffered a rib injury that could sideline him into the start of the season.

Mets' management has said they'll take it slow with Wright.  He is the Mets clear star and the organization can not afford having him out for too long.  With a slow approach to recovery, the Mets and Wright are hoping he'll be ready to go for the Mets first regular season game.

Fans can expect Wright to sit out the remainder of Spring Training games as he gears up for the 2013 season.

NCAA Brackets Revealed

For college basketball fans, Selection Sunday is a holiday.  Finding out where their favorite teams are playing and who they're playing against is all part of the fun.  Bubble team are biting their nails down to the bone, hoping to get that one chance to reach their one shining moment atop college basketball supremacy, and fans are filling out their perfect brackets.

The top seeds in the tournament this year are Big East Champion Louisville, West Coast Conference Champs Gonzaga, Indiana, and Big 12 Champions Kansas.  Gonzaga is the first non-power conference team to ever get a #1 seed.

This NCAA tournament should be as exciting as ever.  There is parity amongst the countries top teams.  Without a super team like Kentucky's last year, there is no clear favorite.

Check back tomorrow for my NCAA Bracket Breakdown Special for your chance to get insider advice for some early upsets and which teams have the best chance to take down the rest of the country.